Rewards that your customers
cannot resist.

At a price that you
cannot resist.

Join the LoyalT Network today!


A small deposit
Fully Refundable
That's it!

No network
joining fee.

Make your loyalty
program highly
desirable for your customers.

You are always looking to give that extra bit to your beloved customers. You need a smart loyalty solution that is advanced and very much affordable for the right sized business like yours.

LoyalT lets you create your own loyalty program and feature on the LoyalT app for your customers.

And you pay just a small transaction fee when your customers finally redeem points at your store. Until then, you pay absolutely nothing.

Join the community in minutes and reach out to the 1000s of people using the app.


Watch the video to know more.

Let's make it easy for you.

No upfront joining fee
No monthly subscription fee
Only a small transaction fee per redemption

That's right. After all the purchases your customer makes to finally redeem and is happy to get his freebie, we rightfully charge a small transaction fee.

The LoyalT Exchange Network.

The Network

LoyalT is a network of a large number of brands where your customers love to shop, dine and travel.

Make Rewards Rewarding for your Customers

Make it an unparalleled experience for your loyal customers. Give them the luxury of using your points (once they have done enough custom with you!) across leading brands.

Stay connected through the app for customers.

The LoyalT App

Feature your loyalty program on the LoyalT app and make it easier for your customers to collect and redeem points at your shop directly through the app.

Target wider audience

Reach out to a wider audience by getting featured on the app used by millions of customers.

Your customer's rewards earn & burn experience.


Identify your loyal customers and reward them on-the-go.

Instant Collection & Gratification

Customers can download the mobile app and are ready to collect points immediately.

Want your customers to keep coming back? 
Send customized offers directly on the app.

Create tailored offers and send in real-time through the loyalty app.

The LoyalT Dashboard with 360 degree view of your customers and program:


View and update your contract with LoyalT anytime.


Identify new enrollments and member growth rates over time.


Analyze member accruals and redemptions.


View active members of your program.


Get quarterly program performance reports.


Understand the influence of your different loyalty promotions & offers on customer transactions & behavior.

There's more.

Social media marketing, gamification, rewards on peer and business referrals.

Make your customers happy by
Making Rewards Rewarding!

A 5% increase in customer retention leads to a 25-100% increase in company's profit.

- Harvard Business Review

Retain Your Customers

LoyalT enables your customers to convert your loyalty points into high value rewards like airmiles! Higher spend attracts higher rewards resulting in customer retention.

A flexible solution accommodating every size and kind of business.
It is very easy to integrate and use.

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